traXR mobile version ready to Launch

traXR was originally envisioned as mixed reality application to be used on the HoloLens headset. However it soon became apparent that some uses may not be ready to transition to a fully augmented solution and but still require something that is an improvement on analogy or paper based solutions. To that end Luminous have developed a mobile version of the traXR app.

The mobile version links direct to Azure Cloud and our desktop application and provides all the same task management functionality and visibility. It makes swab data capture seamless and uses a simple barcode scanning feature to identify suites of swabs.
Using ARCore and augmented reality pins can be dropped on 3D surfaces to capture the swab locations.

The mobile version also uses AR to allow visualisation of vector swabbing processes. Vector swabbing or ‘starbursts’ requires upto 6 swabs to be taken at 1m intervals from a positive location. This can be a complex process as its difficult to visualise distance in 3D space. By using AR colour coded marker points are generated across the surface and the user can only place a swab in the correct distance band. A handy distance measurement is also shown.
traXR mobile allows food manufactures to start there digital transformation faster than ever before and benefit from the huge productivity and efficiency gains our solution offers.

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