Our Solution — Food Safety Auditor

traXR creates a data rich digital audit trail for pathogen environmental monitoring. Schedules are created and set up via our desktop app, and task lists are then delivered directly to the user on site via a HoloLens Mixed reality headset or mobile device.

Pathogen Environmental Monitoring Challenges

Many companies are struggling to implement consistent pathogen monitoring programs globally. There is a large admin burden and potential for human error and variability. It is also extremely difficult to track parent-child linkage in positive results and follow-up samples. All of these issues make it difficult to visualize trends and patterns and connect data to measure at a global level, and this is how a food safety auditor can be helpful.

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Developing a solution

Applying design thinking principles, our team have engineered an end to end pathogen environmental monitoring solution to support your factories food safety audit procedures. Resulting in a paperless, digital solution that makes food safety audit systems intuitive, reduces the cost of compliance and identifies and reduces risks faster. traXR is available in two versions one for mobile and one for HoloLens 2.

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Digital Audit Trail

All users’ actions are captured and timestamped, to provide unprecedented auditing, compliance, and reporting capabilities.

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