Our Food Safety System

traXR drastically reduces the risk of pathogen outbreaks, costly plant shutdowns and product recalls.

Technology and tools for the workforce of the future

We are entering a new paradigm of spatial computing not confined by traditional boundaries. Eliminate human error and deliver information at the point of need.

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Mixed reality

Using the Microsoft HoloLens 2 mixed reality headset we are empowering first-line workers to work more efficiently. We have harnessed this technology to build the world’s first handsfree, augmented environmental monitoring solution. Learn more about our innovative food safety system and find out how it could enhance your operations.

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Also available on Mobile

Start your digital transformation today with rich data capture through our intuitive mobile application. Manage tasks and use augmented reality to tag swab locations and carry out ad-hoc tasks.

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AzureTechnology Stack

Track, Link, Visualise

Link and view positive results, implement risk assessments and corrective actions.

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